Employee Assistance Program

For Sales team For Management team For Support team

Neuro-Linguistic Programming course enables your team get massive information from the audience including personal behavior, personality, hobbies, ability, preference and weakness.


Lie Detection:
Tells over 70% of lies undetected. Managers will easily distinguish hard workers vs slackers in the team and make the organization more successful.


Micro Facial Expressions:
Enables you to tell if and how well your audience is with you, gives you more confidence when talking to your team. Such examples can be easily found in the show “Lie to me”.


Political Tactics:
Managers lead their team to compete with competitors. In addition to manger your own team, they will need to know how to create the advantage, discover the weakness in front of your rivals, win the battle under superior advantage.


Color Psychology:
Advanced technique interacts with people, over 30 years’ history. Originally called 16PF and improved by Le, Jia.


Imagine a management team that tells peoples personality in a couple of conversations, impossible for subordinates to lie to, knows micro facial expression, easily distinguish hard workers vs slackers. How much effectiveness will such team brings.