Employee Assistance Program

Service flow


Assessment through scales:

We provide digital, internet and paper scales refined from thousands of professional scales, focusing on company needs, running full scan on the current status and discover root cause for existing problems.



We provide training courses targeting corresponding audience. For sales team, we have NLP, Negation Expert, Micro Facial Expression courses to boot up sales quota. For management team, we have personality discovery, color psychology and lie detector courses. As to support team, we offer interest building, stress relief and happiness discovery courses. We provide personalized training courses based on your needs as well.


Psychological counseling:

1:1 psychological counseling for those who needed. Privacy is highly protected, no personal info will be required or leaked though phone calls and internet chat. Masks will be provided as well for face to face counseling.


Value-add services:

Monthly progress report, newsletter, sharing, various ways to ensure we achieve the goal.